Experience Mineral Water Straight from the Air!

Say Goodbye to Plastic Bottles and Harmful Contaminants – Enjoy Clean, Sustainable Water with Our Revolutionary Air-to-Water Machine.

    Get The Water You Deserve

    Imagine never having to worry about the quality of your drinking water again.

    Our air-to-water machine produces mineral water directly from the air, ensuring that every drop you drink is free from plastics, pesticides, and heavy metals.

    Whether you're a villa owner looking for convenience or a business aiming to offer your guests the best, our solution is perfect for you.

    Pure Mineral Water:
    Enjoy water enriched with essential minerals.

    Healthy Choice:
    No plastics, no pesticides, no heavy metals – just mineral, clean water.

    Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the plastic bottles.

    Save on bottled water logistics and storage, low electric consumption.

    Have a constant supply of fresh water without the hassle of deliveries.

    Temperature Water:
    Enjoy Hot and Cold water functions, perfect for any occasion.

    UV Sterilization:
    Permanent UV sterilization system, your water stays pure and safe.



    Mineral Composition:

    Calcium (Ca) 18 mg/L

    Magnesium (Mg) 12 mg/L

    Potassium (K) 2 mg/L

    Sodium (Na) 4 mg/L

    Mineral SODA


    Mineral Composition:

    Calcium (Ca) 18 mg/L

    Magnesium (Mg) 12 mg/L

    Potassium (K) 2 mg/L

    Sodium (Na) 4 mg/L


    What you are Really Drinking Today

    Electrolysis is a process that reveals the true content of your water by using an electrical current to separate impurities. This test can show you what's really inside the water you drink.


    The Water you Could Drink

    Water and minerals. That's it.

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    How it Works

    Our air-to-water machine provide you with the cleanest, healthiest water possible. Here’s how it works:


    Water Droplet Creation:

    The machine extracts humidity from the air and converts it into water droplets.


    UV Purification:

    These droplets are collected in a storage tank equipped with a UV lamp that sterilizes the water, eliminating any potential bacteria or viruses.


    Multi-Stage Filtration:

    The water then undergoes a rigorous filtration process to ensure its purity and mineral content:

    • Pre-Carbon Filter: Two pre-carbon filters remove large particles, chlorine, and other chemicals.
    • Post-Carbon Filter: A post-carbon filter further refines the water, removing any remaining contaminants.
    • RO Filter: A reverse osmosis filter ensures the removal of dissolved salts, heavy metals, and other impurities.
    • Mineral and pH Filter: Finally, the water passes through a mineral and pH filter that enriches it with essential minerals and adjusts the pH to above 8.5, making it alkaline and beneficial for health.

    Hot and Cold Water:

    Choose between hot and cold water options for all your drinking needs, with the added convenience of immediate access.


    Permanent UV Sterilization:

    The clean water tank features a permanent UV sterilization system, continuously keeping your water free from harmful microorganisms.

    Enjoy water that is not only safe but also beneficial for your health, with a pH level of over 8.5 and enriched with essential minerals.


    Restaurants and Resorts

    Impress your guests with the purest water available. Our machine ensures you offer high-quality, contaminant-free water that will enhance their dining or stay experience. Plus, you'll save on costs and logistics associated with bottled water.


    Villa Owners

    Enjoy your villa with the convenience and health benefits of our air-to-water machine. Enjoy fresh, mineral water at your fingertips, without the need for wasteful plastic bottles.


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